Group Legal Plans

EAP Legal Plans

Akman & Associates provides EAP legal plans designed to provide employees with minimal services, initial consultations and/or a discounted rate for legal fees. The ultimate goal is to provide participants access to a range of legal services which would be otherwise unobtainable at customary legal fees. Often, the initial consultation can be used to handle very simple matters or to determine if further legal action is required. Employees who require further assistance are then provided a pre-negotiated reduced rate for those services. Similar to a health care plan, employees must utilize the services of a plan attorney, for these services to be covered.

Prepaid Legal Plans

Similar to a health care plan, the employer may offer a pre-paid legal plan to it’s employees. Often, the employee pays a monthly premium, a portion of which is subsidized or paid by the employer. The plan is designed based around the employer’s budget and desired outcomes and may include a wide variety of services or fee structures.

Discounted Legal Plans

These plans often provide a free initial consultation and then a pre-negotiated discounted rate for legal services through plan attorneys.

Voluntary Legal Insurance Plans

Akman & Associates provides a wide variety of voluntary legal plans that provide coverage for the most-needed services required by employees. These group legal plans can be customized, but are generally designed to provide broader and more extensive coverage for a wide variety of services, with the legal fees paid by the plan. Again, employees must utilize the services of a plan attorney for these services to be covered