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The Advantages to Having a Free Will - Akman Legal News

The Advantages to Having a Free Will

Putting off creating a Last Will and Testament only leaves your loved ones at risk. Plan ahead and find out how you can receive a free simple legal willLast Will and Testament

Many people put off writing their Last Will and Testament, or worse, forgo creating one altogether. It isn’t easy discussing these sensitive matters, especially with family and close friends. However, the truth of the matter is having a Will in place can make life easier for your loved ones and ensure that your estate, property, and belongings are cared for as you see fit.

A Will doesn’t have to be costly. With the right pre-paid legal plan in place, it can even be delivered at no cost. To learn more about the advantages of a simple will and how you can get it for free, read on.

Why Create a Will?

Completing a Will can sometimes be costly, which might deter you from taking the steps necessary to publish your Will. However, as we mentioned before, a pre-paid legal plan provides the added benefit of receiving a free simple will for you and your loved ones.

It can be difficult to consider what will happen after your passing; instead, think of your Will as a legal plan, a plan for what will happen to your funds, property, and belongings. Without a legal plan in place, there is no way to ensure these items will be cared for and administered according to your desires.

The Main Benefits of Legal Wills

There are several benefits to having a Will in place including being able to:

  • Designate who will receive belongings, assets, and property after your death
  • Arrange for funeral and burial services, creamtion, gifts, and donations
  • Name an executor, or the individual who oversees your bequests (without a Will your executor can be appointed by the court)
  • Name a guardian for minor children and designate funds for their care
  • Reduce estate taxes by distributing assets and making charitable donations
  • Disinherit individuals who you do not wish to receive any of your funds or assets
  • Continue to provide for loved ones after your death
  • Reduce legal fees
  • Amend the Will as you see fit
  • Avoid added stress for loved ones after your death

Akman & Associates, LLC Pre-Paid Legal Services has extensive experience in the area of estate planning and administration. This experience includes the delivery of pre-paid legal service plans, which include free simple Wills. Don’t leave the care and distribution of your assets up to chance. Reach out to Akman & Associates, LLC Pre-Paid Legal Services to discuss how you can plan ahead.