Legal Insurance: Is it Right for You and Your Family?

Get a crash course in legal insurance. Learn how it works, what it covers (and what it doesn’t), and how to determine if it’s right for you. To get started today, give Akman & Associates a call today.Understanding Legal Insurance

Wondering how legal insurance works and if you even need it? Learn everything you need to know how legal insurance including what it covers, what it doesn’t, how to enroll, and how to find the ideal plan for you by diving into this article.

Learn What Legal Insurance Covers

People seek legal representation and advice for a variety of reasons. From writing your will to purchasing a home, there are many instances when you might benefit from the help of a licensed attorney. However, hiring an attorney can be quite expensive. Legal plans were designed to provide access to attorneys at a more affordable rate.

Legal insurance plans are paid for through a monthly benefit. When you consult with one of our attorneys, the legal plan will pay for the attorney’s fees for covered services. They may also offer a discounted rate for non-covered services. Plans are generally provided by employers or unions and cover the employee and sometimes their spouses and dependents as well. The cost of the plan can be deducted from your paycheck; there are no co-pays or deductibles to meet.

Keep an Eye Out for Any Uncovered Services

Keep in mind the specifics of covered services will be dependent on your plan. Much like health insurance, your legal plan will provide you with access to  a firm of attorneys. There may be services that are also excluded from the plan, but are offered at a significantly reduced cost than would be found elsewhere. Uncovered services can therefore remain affordable versus customary legal fees found outside of the plan.

Take Stock of Your Life Plans and Goals

There are several different types of legal plans available so it’s best to review each one to determine which one suits your needs. However, there are some tips that apply to choosing any legal plan.


First, consider any life changes or developments that may be coming up for you and your family. Are you considering buying or selling a home? What about writing your will or planning your estate? If you know these events are coming up, it’s wise to choose a legal plan that covers these services.


Next, consider who all will need to be covered by the plan. Will you be using it alone or do you expect your family will need coverage as well? Be sure to review who the plan will cover and at what cost.


Finally, take a look at your own finances. Can you save for unexpected legal costs? If not, then it’s in your best interest to make you sure you’ll have legal representation when you need it by enrolling in legal insurance.


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