Are Prepaid Legal Plans the Same as Legal Insurance?

Are prepaid legal plans and legal insurance the same thing? We explain what you need to know about protecting yourself with prepaid legal plans

Prepaid Legal Plans Have you heard about prepaid legal plans? What about legal insurance? Chances are that if you’ve heard one, you’ve heard of the other. These terms are often used interchangeably, leaving many people to wonder if they’re one in the same. In this article, we’ll explore the definitions of both terms, their meanings, … Continued

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How to Get the Most Out of Legal Plan with Associated Administrators

Do you have a benefits plan administered by Associated Administrators? Make sure you’re tapping into all of the your legal plan’s benefits and services.

Employee benefits are a critical part of any compensation package. However, organizations often need a reliable partner to make sure these benefits are administered correctly and effectively. Associated administrators serves as that partner for many groups in Maryland. Find out how to get the most from your benefits package through Associated Administrators and tap into … Continued

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What to Look For in Prepaid Legal Services

Are prepaid legal services really worth it? What can you expect to receive? Find the answers in our most recent blog post:

Prepaid Legal Services Prepaid legal services allow you to tailor a legal plan to fit your needs. These legal insurance plans provide regular consultation at an affordable price. As you search for the right prepaid legal services, keep these things in mind:   It’s Probably More Affordable Than You Think Legal fees are often associated … Continued

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4 Things You Must Know About Personal Legal Plans

Thinking about signing up for a personal legal plan? Read our blog to find out the 4 things you must know before signing up:

Personal Legal Plan A personal legal plan can help you obtain affordable, effective legal services. It’s important to understand what these plans do and don’t cover and how to obtain one. Here are 4 things you must know before choosing a personal legal plan:   They’re Highly Affordable Legal plans make affording legal counsel and … Continued

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