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Personal Legal Plan: 4 Things You Must Know - Akman Legal Services

4 Things You Must Know About Personal Legal Plans

Personal Legal PlanThinking about signing up for a personal legal plan? Read our blog to find out the 4 things you must know before signing up:

A personal legal plan can help you obtain affordable, effective legal services. It’s important to understand what these plans do and don’t cover and how to obtain one. Here are 4 things you must know before choosing a personal legal plan:


  1. They’re Highly Affordable

Legal plans make affording legal counsel and services a reality. Much like health care plans, these plans offer a range of services with qualified network providers for a monthly premium. Your premium may be as low as $20! That’s certainly a much more affordable price than paying hourly legal fees or a retainer. If you like to save money and want effective legal counsel, then a personal legal plan may be the right choice for you.


  1. They May Be Offered by Your Employer 

Many organizations offer legal plans to employees and subsidize part or all of the monthly premium. By covering a large group of people, these plans are able to provide legal services at a lower rate. While the services offered may vary, you will generally find a range of options. If your employer offers a legal plan, it’s certainly worth looking into and learning more about how it can benefit you.


  1. They Give You Access to Top-Notch Attorneys

Trying to find the right attorney isn’t just expensive, it’s also time-consuming and uncertain. You’ll need to do your own research, ask for recommendations, and set up consultations. With a legal plan, you can avoid all of the hassle and search. Instead, you’ll be provided with a list of qualified attorneys approved by your plan. These attorneys have already been vetted, which takes a lot of the legwork out for you and gives you peace of mind.


  1. They Come in A Variety of Forms

Not all legal plans are the same. There are prepaid legal plans and discounted legal plans, just to name a couple. As you might expect, each legal plan will cover different services and offer a range of levels of consultation. Before you sign for a legal plan, be sure to review which services are covered to see if they match the ones you’re looking for.

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