What to Look For in Prepaid Legal Services

Prepaid Legal ServicesAre prepaid legal plans really worth it? What can you expect to receive? Find the answers in our most recent blog post:

Prepaid legal services allow you to tailor a legal plan to fit your needs. These legal insurance plans provide regular consultation at an affordable price. As you search for the right prepaid legal services, keep these things in mind:


It’s Probably More Affordable Than You Think

Legal fees are often associated with high costs, and it’s not uncommon for people to be wary of prepaid legal services due concerns over expense. However, your prepaid legal plan should offer affordable options that meet your budget.

Most prepaid legal plans are paid for out of a monthly payroll deduction and may be as low as $20 a month. Your employer may cover all or some of the costs. Your plan should be designed around your budget and offer a range of appropriate services as well as access to a network of qualified attorneys.

Keep in mind that the need for legal services may arise more often than you’d think. Having an attorney on your side when buying property, preparing a will, getting married, or working through child custody matters is invaluable. A prepaid legal plan makes it much easier and cost-effective than having to set a retainer with a separate attorney for each legal matter.


It’s Convenient

Prepaid legal plans don’t just reduce the costs of legal fees, they also make it more convenient to secure legal counsel as needed. Instead of having to reach out to attorneys, set up consultations, and make appointments, you receive access to an incredible network of pre-qualified attorneys. These attorneys are there to represent you for a variety of group legal services. While the actual services are dependent upon the plan itself, above all, your prepaid legal plan should offer you convenience and flexibility.


It’s Good for Your Career

Work-life balance isn’t just a buzzword. You know how important striking the right balance is if you’ve ever tried to put out proverbial fires at work and juggle multiple tasks at home all at the same time. Throw legal matters into the mix, and it can take a toll on your professional and/or personal life.

With a prepaid legal plan, you should be able to get the legal counsel you need readily and at an affordable rate. This will reduce the amount of time you’re trying to manage these issues in the office and help you resolve any problems more quickly.


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