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Voluntary Benefits Plan: Why You Should Enroll - Akman Legal Services

6 Reasons to Enroll in the Voluntary Benefits Plan

You’ve dedicated your postal service career to our nation. It’s time to protect your future and join the Voluntary Benefits Plan. Learn more:Voluntary Benefits Plan

You work hard and dedicate your time to ensure that our nation’s mail gets delivered no matter the conditions. You pay your dues to the union in order to improve upon both local and distant working conditions for postal employees across the country. The Voluntary Benefits Plan is designed with your unique needs in mind, offering over a dozen products catered to members of the American Postal Service Union.


As an enrolled member of the Voluntary Benefits Plan, you are eligible to receive legal team services that are covered by your low annual fee. Read on to discover how this low-cost plan can help you protect your and your family’s future.


Trusted Legal Counsel

The Voluntary Benefits Plan provides five hours of legal advice and consultation each year per family. This advice and consultation is a part of your benefits plan package and can be used to receive guidance on situations with potential legal implications. You and your family can have legal counsel on call when and where you need it!


Coverage for Spouse and Dependents

Members of the American Postal Workers Union are eligible for the Voluntary Benefits Plan, which includes coverage for spouses and dependent children under 19 years of age. They will be provided with limited benefits under your enrollment at no additional cost. This benefit is extended to transitional employees and retirees as well.


Assistance with Estate Planning

Preparing your Will ahead of time ensures that your assets, belongings, and property are cared for according to your wishes after your death. Although it’s often an uncomfortable matter to talk about, everyone should have a Will to make planning easier on your loved ones. With the Voluntary Benefits Plan, you will receive access to an attorney to prepare your Will and plan for the probate and administration of your estate. This service is not a one-time offer; it’s available to members once every two years.


Identity Theft Advice and Comprehensive Services

Unfortunately, identity theft is a great concern in our country, and the problem only seems to be growing. Javelin Strategy & Research’s recent identity fraud study revealed that $16 billion was stolen over 15.4 million U.S. consumers in 2016. It’s wise to be prepared in the event that you fall victim of identity fraud.


The Voluntary Benefits Plan offers comprehensive attorney services to members and their spouses or dependents who are covered by the plan. These services include:

  • consultation by phone
  • contact with your financial institutions
  • notification and follow up with the three major credit reporting agencies and the Federal Trade Commission
  • assistance with reporting theft to local authorities and preparation of any affidavits
  • preparation of all necessary related documents


Low Monthly Premium

The Voluntary Benefits Plan offers an affordable monthly premium rate at $7.75 per pay period. This amount can be deducted automatically through your payroll and includes the cost of covering dependents. That’s an incredibly low cost for peace of mind!

Easy Access to Legal Services

Once you are enrolled, you can access legal services by calling the 800 number provided by the Voluntary Benefits Plan. Doing so will give you the name of a panel attorney in your area.

For more advice on affordable legal services and legal team legal plans, reach out to Akman & Associates, LLC