Prepaid Lawyers: The Answer to Affordable Legal Help?

You may have heard the term “prepaid lawyer” used to refer to attorneys that work with legal insurance plans or prepaid legal plans. There many misconceptions surrounding prepaid lawyers and the services they offer. Learn how they can help you access affordable legal help in this article.


What Exactly is a Prepaid Lawyer?


First things first, what is a prepaid lawyer? We should make an important distinction; a prepaid lawyer is no different from any licensed attorney. There’s no prepaid law school or bar. These attorneys must meet the legal requirements for practicing law in their state. A prepaid lawyer is an attorney who is part of a network for a prepaid legal plan (a form of legal insurance).


These lawyers are prepaid in the sense that they offer services covered by membership in the legal plan. Members (or their employers) pay a monthly premium (just as you would with a health insurance plan) for access to these services. These premiums are very affordable, and may still be fully or partially subsidized by employers. Besides meeting the professional requirements for practicing law, prepaid lawyers must also meet the individual requirements of the legal plan provider.


What Services Do They Provide?


These attorneys provide covered legal services to members of these plans, which may range from preparing a Last Will and Testament to preparing a deed. (Please note: covered services vary by plan.) They often provide services for areas outside the plan at a discounted rate. Consultations are also included in the plans.


Prepaid lawyers provide affordable legal help because they allow members of legal plans to tap into a range of legal services. These services are far costlier without legal insurance and require more resources to get started. Members don’t need to search for the right lawyer and set up multiple consultations. They work with the network provided the legal plan and can readily access legal services as needed. So, not only do they save money, they save time and effort! Having that peace of mind that you can get legal expertise when you need it is invaluable.


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