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Legal Insurance: 5 Things You Need To Know - Akman Legal Services

5 Things You Can’t Forget About Legal Insurance

What You Need To Know About Legal InsuranceIs legal insurance a good option for you and your family? Before you sign up for a plan, review these 5 things you must know about legal insurance:

Let’s face it; legal insurance isn’t the most cut and dried subject. There is a lot to know especially as you look at different plans. Before you select a plan, don’t miss this guide with 5 things you can’t forget about legal insurance.


1. It’s Useful in Variety of Situations

We often think of seeking legal counsel in serious matters such as criminal offenses and lawsuits. However, there will likely come a moment in your life when you need or could benefit from legal counsel. Legal advice can be beneficial when buying a home, renting property, planning a family, and even paying taxes.


2. It’s a Wise Financial Choice

Unless you have a savings set aside for legal fees or legal insurance, it can be expensive to take on attorney’s fees unexpectedly. Without having a plan for legal expenses, you may be stuck dealing with a heavy financial burden or settling for less-than-qualified legal services. Having legal insurance prevents you from having to make the choice between getting the legal advice you need and paying your bills.


3. It Puts Legal Counsel At Your Fingertips

With legal insurance, you have legal counsel at your reach any time, anywhere. By signing up for a plan, you pay a small monthly fee ahead of time before you need the counsel or services. In other words, you pay these premiums instead of paying hourly fees out of pocket. That way, when the need for legal counsel arises, you will be able to speak with an attorney who accepts the plan and access the services you need.


4. It Reduces the Stress of Searching for an Attorney

Legal insurance also eliminates the stress of finding and waiting to meet with attorneys when you need them the most. This is especially important when dealing with a trying situation such a divorce, estate planning, bankruptcy, or child custody.


5. It Can Be Largely Beneficial in Your Golden Years

Legal insurance plans assist with wills, estate management, and estate planning. These plans can also assist with the probate process. You can speak with a qualified attorney about managing your assets and planning for the future. They can also help you avoid falling victim to scams and fraud. This is especially important for making sure that your senior years are truly your golden years.


To find out more about legal insurance and if it’s the right fit for you, reach out to Akman & Associates,LLC today.