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Group Legal Plans: What Are The Benefits - Akman Legal Services

The Big Benefits of Group Legal Plans

Group Legal PlansLooking to sign up for a group legal plan? Discover the biggest benefits to be had in our latest blog post:

With a group legal plan, you can obtain legal consultation with attorneys at a more affordable rate. Instead of paying an individual hourly rate, you can make small monthly payments through your plan. Discover other benefits to group legal plans in this article:


Low Costs and Fees

Many people avoid pursuing legal advice even when it’s necessary because of the cost. Unexpected legal fees can certainly add up, and you may not have the savings set aside in case of an emergency. With a group legal plan, you don’t have to forgo the legal counseling you need because of your budget. Legal challenges are quite common especially when they’re related to financial and family matters.

Group legal plans allow you to receive a discounted rate for legal services by paying an ongoing monthly premium instead of a hefty lump sum. Because these plans work with licensed professional attorneys, you don’t have to settle for unqualified legal assistance.


Faster Resolution for Legal Issues

Much like seeing the doctor, it isn’t uncommon for people to put off meeting with an attorney. Legal fees and not having access to a solid network of providers are key obstacles. A group legal plan helps you overcome those obstacles by not only lowering prices significantly, but also by connecting you with a strong network of attorneys. You’ll be able to resolve legal issues in a faster, more efficient manner and avoid having to miss days at work.


Reduced Stress

With easy access to a network of attorneys, you’ll be able to avoid the stress that comes with a long, drawn-out legal battle of any kind. Divorce cases and child custody disputes are common sources of stress and will almost certainly bleed over into your professional life. However, even matters such as estate planning and probate administration can take their toll.

Being able to resolve those legal matters in due time is definitely a burden off of anyone’s shoulders. It’s also good for workplace morale and general employee engagement.


Thinking about signing up for a group legal plan? Contact Akman & Associates, LLC, to find out more.