A Trucker’s Guide to Drivers Legal Plan

As a trucker, your ability to make a living could be taken away by a simple traffic ticket. Protect your livelihood with our Drivers Legal Plan.Drivers Legal Plan

Truck drivers are essential to our country’s economy with 1 out of every $10 in the U.S. GDP related to transportation activity. In fact, the U.S. transportation system employs 1 out of every 7 workers in the United States and serves more than 7 million domestic businesses.  It’s clear that the transportation of goods and jobs created by the transportation industry are essential (the trucking industry in particular).


However, each year a rising number of traffic convictions, no matter how minor, can prevent many commercial-driver-licensed (CDL) workers from making a living and delivering those essential goods to businesses and residents. Thankfully, there’s a legal plan available to protect drivers and carriers.


A Law Firm Rooted in the Trucking Industry


Drivers and carriers alike benefit from having a legal plan in place. The Drivers Legal Plan was created by and bargained for trucking company veterans in 1991 after the implementation of the CDL program. Prior to the CDL program, the licensing requirements for operating large vehicles and buses varied from state to state. The program was introduced to prevent traffic accidents and deaths.


However, it also led to more frequent traffic convictions, some of which were unjustifiable and unwarranted. The Drivers Legal Plan founders created a law firm to protect the rights of trucks drivers and the interests of trucking companies. More specifically, the plan provides quality legal representation for truckers at a reasonable price. It also helps companies safeguard their safety profiles and retain drivers.


High-Quality Legal Representation at an Affordable Cost


After all, CDL drivers are some of the only workers who can lose their ability to work over traffic tickets. Drivers are often unfairly targeted, making high-quality, experienced legal representation vital.


The Drivers Legal Plan is solely focused on CDL defense and has defended over 350,000 cases to date. The law firm offers the most affordable option for CDL drivers and carriers on the market, offering 24/7 coverage in any vehicle driven by the covered driver. Monthly payment plans are available to protect your ability to make a living at a low cost.


To learn more about Drivers Legal Plan and effective legal representation for CDL truckers and carriers, reach out to Akman & Associates, LLC.